Russ on the issues



Russ will work with city and the community to look into installing additional traffic lights along Bell Rd to better control traffic. He will push to increase the access to bus/shuttle stops and other options in the district to promote a more community based transit system, which will help reduce congestion on the major thoroughfares such as: Bell, Elm Hill, and Murfreesboro. Our district desperately needs investments made to drainage and sewers to decrease flooding. Russ will push to build additional sidewalks, which are desperately needed near our schools and along the major roadways. Currently, Public Works contracts out sidewalk construction which costs the taxpayers $1000 per square foot!To help save money and increase efficiency, Russ backs the idea of creating a Metro Department of Transportation and end our practice of outsourcing sidewalk construction and other related jobs.

Russ feels that our district’s lack of representation has allowed developers to run amok. He will advocate for our district to ensure development in District 13 is reasonable, economically, ecologically responsible, and does not ruin the character of the area. Our district needs someone that will step in and be a moderator to ensure both sides can work together. To that end, Russ will notify Planning staff to not accept or approve any applications from developers that have not yet met with the community and received their input. It’s time that District 13 has a council member that will keep the bad actors out so that development happens FOR us and not TO us! Russ will also work with the business community to help revitalize the commercial areas along Murfreesboro Pike and Bell Rd so that our community has more opportunities to shop and dine locally as well as more places to socialize with our neighbors.



Russ wants to see the Metro government take a more fiscally responsible approach with our tax dollars. He believes it’s the Council’s duty to take a deeper look into our budget to identify unnecessary spending. Nashville’s budget is in the worst shape in nearly a decade; however, Russ is committed to working closely with his fellow council members, the Mayor’s office, and the community to guide our city back to a balanced and more transparent budget that will benefit our district and our city. It’s also time to take a look at ways to ensure the millions that tourism brings to our city makes it out of downtown so that District 13 benefits from Nashville’s historic success. We’ve seen too much of our city sold off for pennies on the dollar or just plain given away! Russ will ensure that the taxpayers, not developers and big business, benefit. Russ feels that our government has focused too much on Downtown and the tourism industry, that District 13 and others have been forgotten. He will work to ensure we have a seat at the table and receive our fair share of the city’s prosperity.

Russ will be involved in our communities. He will host town halls across our district so he can hear from you what issues and concerns you face, receive feedback, and inform the communities on what is going on at City Hall. Russ will bring representatives from various Metro departments and offices to these meetings to promote better engagement and understanding of the roles they play in the district and city. If need be, Russ will be prompt with organizing additional meetings to address urgent community issues and needs. Our district has suffered from lack of communication and engagement, Russ will ensure that stops immediately! He welcomes all email, telephone, texts, and social media communication. Russ will continue to be active with our community and looks forward to hosting events through out the year such as picnics and meet and greets. Furthermore, to help better identify ways to serve our district, Russ will seek to create neighborhood ambassadors from the various communities, neighborhoods, and HOAs within District 13.



Metro Schools’ budget continues to suffer while tax incentives for developers and major corporations take priority. Russ is committed to locating potential funds to be pulled from disproportionate development incentives and current tax revenue as well as working with MNPS and the School Board to identify ways they can be more efficient. Ultimately, he believes improving the quality of our Metro Schools will help create more quality jobs, reduce crime, and provide a higher quality of life, not just our district, but all Nashville.

Our city has made great strides to be more environmentally friendly and Russ intends to support efforts that will continue that progress. He will work with Public Works to identify and open more recycling drop offs and have plastic bag and foam carton receptacles included at ALL recycling drop offs. Russ will also encourage and work with the communities and local businesses to look at ways they can move away from single use plastics and adopt greener practices.