Bradford for Metro Council District 13

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Why I’m Running…

Since moving to Nashville in 2009, this community has provided me with many opportunities. I feel very strongly about paying it forward by doing what I can to help create opportunities for others.

I believe our city can, and should, be more responsible with our tax dollars by making better investments in our roads and infrastructure. Most importantly, making sure that our city grows and develops in a way that is fair and responsible to the people of Nashville.

I have lived here just shy of a decade and in that time, I’ve seen our city change drastically. I’ve seen the problems that come with that growth, but I’ve also seen what amazing things we can do together. My hope is, by being your Councilperson, I can ensure that our city continues to be amazing for ALL Nashvillians.

I’m running because our district needs a leader who is going to put the people and communities within our district first. Someone who’s going to say, “Enough is enough!” I believe that the people of District 13 deserve to have their voices heard and to have someone who will be readily available to listen and to discuss the issues that are important to them. District 13 deserves to have a Councilperson they can turn to for help and to be proud of! It is my sincerest hope and desire to serve the people of District 13 by being your advocate and voice. So when the time comes, I hope to have earned your vote!


Testimonials & Endorsements

I have already seen examples of Russ speaking out for what our residents want, not for what he, developers, or other council people might want. I am confident that when Russ is elected, he will listen to residents, be quick to respond, and focus on what is best for the people of our district.
— Andrea R, White Pines Neighborhood
I support Russ Bradford for 13th District Metro Council because he is hard-working and accessible, he understands the current issues facing our city. He has been attending council and other city meetings for months now getting up to speed on current issues so that he’s ready to go on Day 1. He also understands that change is inevitable and wants to make it happen in a way that looks out for the individual citizens and small businesses of Nashville instead of outside investors...After seeing the day-in, day-out work that Russ has put in, I am so glad that it’s him and not me!
— Hannah S, Glengarry Neighborhood
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Russ for several months now, He is committed to neighborhood issues, has worked closely with CM Porterfield and myself on a number of issues...He also has a four-year environmental degree, so he totally understands the issues at Percy Priest. Russ is the real deal; genuine, caring, and can see both sides of the resident/developer issues in order to make decisions that are right for our residents and businesses...He is committed to helping fix some of the infrastructure problems we have.
— Cynthia T, Woodland Point
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"We do these things not because they are easy, but because they are hard."

- John F. Kennedy